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WSU Trombone Studio

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Current Students

  • Ashley Straley - Wilmington, OH (Music Education)

  • Matthew Osborn - Miamisburg, OH (Music Education)

  • Bradley Myers - Fairfield, OH (Music Education)

  • Elijah Gray - New Carlisle, OH (Music Education)

  • Kylie Bayless - Wilmington, OH (Music Education

  • Samantha Kennedy - Springboro, OH (Music Education)

  • Vincent Moniaci - Englewood, OH (Music Performance)

  • Cameron Pemberton - Englewood, OH (Music Education)

  • Michael Tracey - Englewood, OH (Music Education)


David Wilson - Springfield, OH

     BM Education, 2021


AJ Emmons - Centerville, OH

    BA Music, 2021

Drew Gillum - Miamisburg, OH

    BM Education, 2021


Bryan Gannon - Colorado Springs, CO

    MM - Trombone Performance, 2020

    USAF Academy Band


Allen Mott - Mason, OH

    BA - Music, 2020


Adam McCoy - Xenia, OH

    BM Education, 2019

    Graduate Studies Western Michigan University -  

    Trombone Performance

Wyatt Heinz - Bellbrook, Ohio

    BM Eduation, 2018

    Assistant Band Director, Piqua High School

Brendon Sapp - Englewood, Ohio

    BM Education, 2018

    Assistant Band Director, West Carrolton High School

    Graduate Studies - VanderCook University - Music Education

Andrew Blake - Xenia, Ohio

    BM Performance, 2018

    Computer Science, 2018

    Master of Music, Kent State University - 2020

    Theory and Composition

    Doctoral Studies Eastman School of Music


Dominick Hatton - Fairfield, OH

   Music Minor, 2017

   Computer Engineering WSU


Patrick Mercer - Beavercreek, OH

    Music Minor, 2017

    Statistics, 2019

    Date Standard Analyst, Medpace


Katie Schmidt - Columbus, OH

   BM Music Education - 2017

   Elementary Music Teacher,

   Northridge Local  Schools 


Jennifer Phillips - Chillicothe, Ohio

    BM Music Education - 2014

    Music Teacher - Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy


William Giffin - Bellbrook, Ohio

    Music Minor, 2014

    Computer Science OSU, 2019


Michael Stipich - Beavercreek, Ohio

    Music Minor, 2013

    Self-Employed Mechanic


Stephanie Reed - Dayton, Ohio

     MM Education, 2013

     General Music Specialist, Mabry Elementary

     Tampa, Florida           


Dante Colding - Dayton, Ohio

     BM Music Education, 2012

     General Music Specialist,

     North Dayton School of Discovery


Daniel Hornbrook - Dayton, Ohio

     Music Minor, 2012

     Software Engineer, Valued Relationships, Inc.      


Bryan Sharpe - Kettering, Ohio

     BM Education, 2012

     Editorial Administrator - The Lorenz  Corp.

     WSU School of Music Outstanding Alumni

     Award Recipient 2017

     Musical Arranger - BsharpeAcapella

     Choral Director - Chaminade-Julienne HS

     Coral Program Staff - Centerville City Schools


RJ Cappa - Fairfield, Ohio

     BM Education, 2011

     MM Perf. University of Houston, 2013

Cameron Couch - Centerville, Ohio

     BM Performance, 2011

     MM Perf. University of Oklahoma, 2013

     MM Organ Building U. of Oklahoma, 2015


Dustin Malone - Dayton, Ohio

     BM Education, 2011

     K-8 Music and Band at Pathway School of  Discovery – Dayton, OH 



Attend a Concert


Most concerts on campus are free and open to the public. You can learn more about the School of Music's performances at


Financial Support


It's easy to give online directly tot he WSU trombone studio at the following link. Resources are used for bringing in guest artists and purchasing music and equipment for the trombone studio.





WSU Trombone Ensemble


The Wright State University Trombone Ensemble is open to students university wide regardless of major.  Trombone Studio meets on Mondays and Trombone Ensemble rehearses on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please contact Dr. Mac if you are a non-major and have an interest in participating:


Wright State University

Brass Festival January 2020

Pro Brass Choir Performance

Cincinnati Symphony Principal Brass Musicians, Spirit of Freedom Brass Quintet, WSU Brass Faculty

Dr. Elisabeth Shafer  Master Class (March 2020)

Trombone Studio Guest Artists

John Gruber, Oberlin College (2022)

Denson Paul Pollard, The Met, Indiana University (2022)

Austin Motley, Ouachita Baptist University (2021)

Eric Wallace, Western Oregon University (2021)

Michael Davidson, University of Kansas (2021)

Elisabeth Shafer, University of Akron (2020)

Spirit of Freedom Brass Quintet USAF Band of Flight (2020)

Seraph Brass (2020)

Cristian Ganicenco, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (2020)

Lucas Caspar, Bass Trombone Artist (2019)

Samuel Chen, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (2019)

Abbie Conant, International Performing Artist (2018)

Russ Zokaites, Moorhead State University  (2018)

Quaternity Trombone Quartet (2018)

2ManiDo (2017)

Blue Ridge Trombone Quartet (2017)

Mr. Schahar Israel, Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland State University (2017)

Blue Ridge Trombone Quartet (2017)

Dr. Jemmie Robertson, Eastern Illinois University, American Trombone Quartet (2017)

Elysian Trombone Consort (2017)

Mirari Brass Quintet (2017)

Ms. Megumi Kanda - Principal Trombone, Milwuakee Symphony Orchestra (2016)


Ms. Jan Kagarice - Musician's Wellness of North America, Retired Sr. Lecturer, University of North Texas (2015)

Mr. Anthony Weikel - Columbus, OH (April 2015)

Mr. Matthew Guilford - National Symphony Orchestra, University of Maryland (January 2015)

Dr. Bradley Kerns - University of Kentucky (October 2014)

Mr. Mark Kellogg - Rochester Philharmonic, Eastman School of Music (September 2014)

Dr. John MarcellusTrombone Professor - Eastman School of Music (Jan. 2014)

Mr. Chad ArnowBass Trombone - Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra (Nov. 2013)

Dr. Bruce Tychinski Trombone Professor – University of Deleware (Oct. 2013)


Mr. Ben Clymer 

Bass Trombone Artist  (2013)


Mr. Andrew Duncan

Trombone – United States Air Force Band of Flight (2012)


Mr. Timothy Smith

Trombone - Buffalo Philharmonic (2012)


Dr. William Mann

Professor of Trombone – Moorehead State University (2011)


Mr. Scott Hartman 

Professor of Trombone - Yale University

Millennium Brass Quintet (2011)


Ms. Ava Ordman

Professor of Trombone  - Michigan State University (2010)


Dr. Bryan Pkorney

Bass Trombone Artist (2009)


Dr. J. Michael Hall

Professor of Trombone - Old Dominion University (2008)


Dr. Michael Davidson

Professor of Trombone - University of Kansas (2008)



Donna Parkes

 Louisville Symphony Orchestra

with the WSU Trombone Quartet  

January 2018

Schahar Israel

Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

WSU Trombone Festival

January 2017

Megumi Kanda performing at the Seventh Annual Trombone Festival 

January 2016

Roger Kaza and Matthew Guilford

Sixth Annual Trombone Festival 

January 2015

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